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8.4 New Vocabulary – Pentatonic Power Embellishing Pairs

Embellishing Pentatonic Pairs With Leading Tones

Traditional embellishments used in modern jazz and bebop vocabulary are created when a chromatic half step is played before the main note of a Pentatonic Pair. When you sequence these embellished Pentatonic Pairs through ii7-V7-IΔ7 chord progression in the 8.4 exercise. You are speaking the language of jazz These embellished Pentatonic Pairs will be connected with other chromatics in Lesson 12. Adding these chromatics to create longer patterns demonstrates the evolution of jazz.

Melody Chains Through The ii7-V7-IΔ7 Chord Progression

When embellished Pentatonic Pairs are played through the ii7-V7-IΔ7 chord progression, they for melody chains that connect musical ideas into longer musical phrases. Listen to, imitate and memorize these patterns with the 8.4 play track

8.4 Play Track: ii7-V7-IΔ7 melody chains
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How to use the A-B Repeat feature

Click and drag the left arrow to establish the loop starting point. Then click and drag the right to establish the ending point.