Beginner’s Corner




Students hear and imitate new vocabulary while learning to play with correct jazz style.


Students put the new vocabulary to work as they improve their music reading skills.

Students are guided as they explore their creative potential with blues vocabulary.

Play Along
Students gain experience as lead or section players when they play along with a professional band.

Ear Training

Students develop “good ears” learning to play what they hear.


Students are introduced to a well know contemporary Jazz Artist in each Lesson.

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Special Acknowledgement!

We would like to acknowledge that the new beginner lessons are based on the Jazz Anyone...? classroom series, Books 1 and 2. The complete series with rhythms manuals, teacher editions and CDs are still available and may be ordered online from Alfred or at your local music store. Jazz Anyone...? has been around for over 40 years and has been responsible for starting thousands of beginner band students all over the world. The new online edition has been modified to meet the demands of the online beginning jazz student. Enjoy!



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