Jazz Fundamentals

Jazz Style

Everyone in the band has to play with correct jazz style. Learning to play with good jazz style starts with hearing jazz played correctly. Call and response exercises are presented, discussed and played in each Lesson.


Putting stylistic concepts into a broader context allows students to smooth out their playing as they turn practice patterns into music. Playing Jazz Etudes also provides an ideal way to help students improve their music reading skills.


Every band needs as many “hot players” as possible. Students learn to organize and apply the “Blues Licks” introduced in the Style section as a basis for improvisation. There are plenty of opportunities for improvisation in all 12 Lessons.

Ear Training

Your sound, intonation and improvisation all depend on careful listening and being able to play what you hear. Ear training exercises for students are included in each lesson with transcriptions.

Play Along

Strong lead players and solid section players are needed in each section of the band. An opportunity to play lead or harmony parts with a small jazz ensemble recorded by professionals is included in every lesson.

Special School Membership

If you're a band director and interested in using the Jazz Everyone materials with your band, please contact Oliver directly HERE to speak about group membership.

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