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Bon Voyage Willie T. 2/13/1931 – 2/16/2019

Oliver Groenewald | February 23, 2019

Willie passed away in his home with Wendy and me next to him. It was peaceful and without struggle. We miss him very much.
Willie’s curriculum is here to stay, and whether you are a new, old or returning member your participation keeps the legacy alive, and the learning continues.
Feel free to leave a note here even though we can’t read it to Willie anymore. We can only imagine him looking over our shoulder with a big Willie T grin.
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“Teaching Jazz” – a new curriculum from the University of Louisville Jazz Department

Oliver Groenewald | January 23, 2019

Dr. Ansyn Banks and Samir Kambarov are at the finish line to complete their unique curriculum “Teaching Jazz”, check…

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Top 20 favorite jazz musicians- guest post

Wendy Thomas | April 27, 2018

Hello JE members!
We have a guest writer, Marc-Andre Seguin from bringing you an informative overview of his top 20 favorite jazz musicians. Take a look at this and see who you are most inspired by and make sure to check out Marc’s site. He has a tremendous amount of information and materials for all you guitar players out there. Thanks Marc!


Miles Davis

Miles Davis is the most influential jazz musician in the twentieth century.  He was on the cutting edge of several different stylistic innovations.

His clean and minimalistic legato style of playing became legendary and at the same time allowed other bandmates to play along the edges of Davis’s more melodic approaches.

Over his lengthy career of 5 decades, he created and performed everything from bebop and cool to modal jazz styles.  He was preeminent in establishing modal jazz as a style.

Davis played with seemingly almost everybody and gave many great names in jazz a start within his own bands, such as John Coltrane and many others.

John Coltrane

This great saxophonist was influential to many musicians over his career, including non-sax players.  He played several different styles of jazz over his legendary career.

He helped pioneer modal jazz and was on the cutting edge of free jazz creating highly experimental creative spaces.  

He had a great ability to improvise earning accolades as a master of improvisation.

In his later career he used jazz voicings in a spiritual context.  

Antonio Carlos Jobim

He was the Brazilian superstar largely credited as being one of the main proponents to create the bossa nova style.

Jobim’s “The Girl from Ipanema” is one of the most recorded songs of all time.  Many of his songs remain in the standard jazz repertoire.

His music-writing legacy will ensure his songs and the bossa style remain well loved.

Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington was a pianist, composer and bandleader.

He became most famous as the bandleader of his orchestra from their many appearances at the famous “Cotton Club” in Harlem.

He attracted many of the best players to his orchestra with many staying for decades.

Duke Ellington wrote over 1000 songs of which many became standards.  He also performed songs written by musicians in his orchestra, such as Juan Tizol (Caravan).  

He also wrote many songs with Billy Strayhorn with whom he collaborated for about thirty years (Take the A Train).

He is the most recorded jazz artist of all time.

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Jazz Everyone updated! we’d love to hear from you…

Wendy Thomas | January 10, 2018

Hey jazz lovers! Welcome to the updated JE site.

I’m Wendy Thomas and a lot of you already have met Oliver Groenewald, my husband. As you may have gathered over the last year we have transitioned into the management of Jazz Everyone. Don’t worry, Willie T is still gracing us with his humor, wisdom and trumpet playing on a daily basis…

Hey uncle Willie and Wendy and Oliver. I just spend a few hours going through your new website layout. It’s awesome man!!!
I’ve been with you a few years now and have really enjoyed…

Hello Willie
God bless on your 87th birthday. Your spirit and your knowledge is a national treasure for the jazz world…

I really like the changes. The visual appearance is better for me and the player is easier to operate. Much better than the previous edition. So far, my friends are impressed…

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Willie’s Missing Horn – Update

Andrew Youngren (admin) | November 20, 2013

Many of you have been asking, “Did Willie get his horn back?” And the short answer is no. If…

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Member Showcase – David Angol

Willie Thomas | September 20, 2013

In this episode of the Jazz Everyone Showcase we profile David Angol. David sent us his “All the Things”…

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Member Showcase – Ernesto Zamola

Willie Thomas | June 28, 2013

Ernie Zamora first discovered Jazz Everyone through the Giant Steps Revealed video. (see it here). Then after working with…

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Member Showcase

Willie Thomas | June 5, 2013

Yo, its time we hear from you! We’re a rapidly growing population of players from all ability levels, many…

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Tune of the Week #10 – Anthropology by Charlie Parker

Willie Thomas | May 20, 2013

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Confirmation – Charlie Parker

Willie Thomas | April 22, 2013

Tune of the week #9, Confirmation by Charlie Parker

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