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Jazz Everyone updated! we’d love to hear from you…

Wendy Thomas | January 10, 2018

Hey jazz lovers! Welcome to the updated JE site.

I’m Wendy Thomas and a lot of you already have met Oliver Groenewald, my husband. As you may have gathered over the last year we have transitioned into the management of Jazz Everyone. Don’t worry, Willie T is still gracing us with his humor, wisdom and trumpet playing on a daily basis. He’s happy to see his son-in-law, Oliver, taking the JE reigns and they are still jamming on a very regular basis. My dad and he go back 25 years to when Ollie was doing his Masters here in WA state. My Dad likes to take the credit for us getting together but I'd like to think I had something to do with it! Willie T is also very excited to see the new website rolled out and hopes to see even more folks getting bit by the be-bop bug. Spread the word!

Ollie has gotten to know this material and the website inside and out and is available for questions concerning the music, lessons and technical support like passwords.

I will be working with you on the billing side and filling in the cracks and of course being the moral support that wives of musicians get pretty good at!

You'll find news and updates on the News Page and here we invite you to interact with us and other members on your  successes, questions and hurdles.

Jam on!


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9 responses to “Jazz Everyone updated! we’d love to hear from you…”

  1. Richard says:

    Hey Wendy,
    I was really sorry to hear about Willie. He left us all with a really solid legacy on how to play bebop.
    I would like to see if there was a way that players in the Los Angeles area, using jazzeveryone techniques could get in touch with each other. Possibly a a separate blog. Maybe you might have a suggestion.
    Thanks, Richard

  2. John Lennox says:

    So much better than the old format is one of the reasons why I returned…

  3. Cy Schmidt says:

    Hey uncle Willie and Wendy and Oliver. I just spend a few hours going through your new website layout. It’s awesome man!!!
    I’ve been with you a few years now and have really enjoyed your work, clear teaching and explanations and excellent playing, Uncle Willie. While we’re at it I want to wish you a belated happy birthday! And happy Jazz and bebop for the future. Ok, I better get back to the shed …You really laid it on thick for us 🙂
    Love and best wishes from Salt Lake City.
    Thanks again for all of your work.
    Your friend,
    Uncle Cy, Saxophones

    • Wendy Thomas says:

      Hello Cy- we’re just catching up here and wanted to say thanks for being a member. We love the materials too and wanted to get them better organized and accessible. Keep on jammin’ !

  4. Dr. Papi says:

    Hello Willie
    God bless on your 87th birthday. Your spirit and your knowledge is a nat ional treasure for the jazz world. Hats off to you my brother for your dedication to spreading the gospel of bebop!!! Happy birthday my brother!!!

  5. Bill Knoflicek says:

    I really like the changes. The visual appearance is better for me and the player is easier to operate. Much better than the previous edition. So far, my friends are impressed. One, a trained musician, expresses a feeling we share; where was this when I was younger. This makes education fun.

    • Wendy Thomas says:

      Hi Bill- Glad it’s working for you. We feel the same- learning can be challenging and fun with humor too! We are super happy with the updates and capabilities of the site now. Thanks for your comment. cheers-

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