Beginner Rhythm Pack

Here you will begin learning about the function of each standard jazz rhythm section instrument: Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums.
The lessons are designed to help you start on the bebop path with your instrument but are not intended to serve as a complete method to learn each of these instruments in depth.
We encourage everyone, including wind and brass players to take advantage of the lessons to understand the important roles of each instrument and the skills needed to perform on them. However, if you are playing a wind/brass instrument you will most likely be playing with a rhythm section and understanding how they function will help support your own playing.
These lessons will provide music examples and videos working parallel to the content provided for wind/brass players in the Beginner’s corner. We encourage every rhythm instrument player to follow these lessons in order to gather more insight on soloing and improvisation. We have provided all music examples in treble and bass clef as well.
We are in this together… Let’s Go!

We would like to acknowledge that the new beginner lessons are based in parts on Willie’s  Jazz Anyone…? classroom series, Book 1. The complete series with rhythms manuals, teacher editions and CDs are still available and may be ordered online from Alfred or at your local music store. Jazz Anyone…? has been around for over 40 years and has been responsible for starting thousands of beginner band students all over the world. The new online edition has been modified to meet the demands of the online beginning jazz student. Enjoy!