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8.2 New Vocabulary – Pentatonic Power adding the 9th

Pentatonic Scales and the ii7-V7 Chord Progression

Adding the 9th scale step to the Minor Pentatonic scale creates traditional vocabulary for the minor ii chord. It can be easily moved to the Major Pentatonic scale in the Dominant V chord with the added b7. Major and Minor Pentatonic scales with added notes provide the basis for most traditional jazz vocabulary.

Playing the ii7-V7 Chord Change

After you have listened to the 4 bar II-V patterns below, imitate them in the open spaces.

8.2 Play Track: Playing the ii7-V7 chord change
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How to use the A-B Repeat feature

Click and drag the left arrow to establish the loop starting point. Then click and drag the right to establish the ending point.