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8.1 New Vocabulary – Pentatonic Power

Welcome to Lesson 8 of the Intermediate Corner. In this lesson we will introduce you to the Pentatonic Pairs system, which is the basis for the Jazz Everyone language system. Major Pentatonic scales are formed on the root (I), 4th (IV) and 5th (V) scale steps in every major scale. They form the basis for most of our traditional jazz vocabulary. In lesson 8, you will learn how to develop and apply these Major pentatonic scales to jazz music in a variety of ways.

Major Pentatonic Scale in the Lydian Scale (IV Δ7) and the Tonic Major Scale (I Δ7)

Playing the Changes
The major 7th has been added to the Major Pentatonic scale to create patterns with a modern or bebop sound. Try to hear these color tones in the patterns as you play them over the IV chord moving to a Tonic I chord. This is a special sound that can also be used when playing the II-V chord change in the next lesson (8.2). Listen to each 4 bar pattern and imitate what you hear played.

8.1 Play Track: Playing the Changes
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