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167 etudes with play tracks

For a limited time we're offering these 167 etudes and also the recently added 92 play tracks for free! Click the links below to download the etudes to your computer. Etudes are now in PDF format. Enjoy!

167 Etudes (written manuscript form)

Blues Etudes (45.9)

Dorian Etudes (9.6 mb)

Mixolydian Etudes (7.8 mb)

II-V Etudes (7.4 mb)

II-V-I Etudes (6.2 mb)

Play Tracks

We've recently unearthed some recordings of these etudes. We found 92 of them in total. Keep in mind these were recorded on tape more than 30 years ago and they sound like it! The material is all there though, in its vintage glory!

92 Etudes (Click to download - 120 mb)