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Willie Thomas | September 13, 2011

I was just looking over my Jamey Camp pics and was reminded of how much fun I had at the camp this summer.  What I realize is you’re only limited by what you think you can’t or shouldn't do.  I’ve been reluctant to travel because I think I’m getting too old!  Actually, it’s more about being too lazy, even though it is a pill getting off and on Orcas Island where I live.  An hour ferry ride to Anacortes, WA, then another 90 miles to Seattle, a night in the hotel because every flight going East leaves at dawn.  And anything coming back out West gets in too late to make the last ferry home.  So, you have tack on about $350 to every trip anywhere.

Here’s one of my favorite jams at the camp with Steve Davis. Boy, what a player! I worked with Carl Fontana and Slide Hampton, so I know a bit about what a killer t-bone player sounds like ... and this Ddde is one Bad Boy with that slide. This was for the lunch crowd. Also with one of my favorite all time drummers, Ed Soph and my new B3 champion , Bobby Floyd ... it doesn’t get any better!

In this video I'm doing a little lunchtime jam with Steve Davis on trombone.

My impromptu mini-session with Jamey is another choice memory from my week at jazz camp. Sitting there without stress and tooting away with no one to impress, just the joy of playing with a great fellow musician that’s got seriously big ears (musically).  I can hear pretty well myself and I really do have some big ears (physically).  They used to call me “Bugs” ... but not to my face!

Here Jamey and I do a little C Jam Blues

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