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1.10 What Did You Learn?

After you have finished Lesson 1, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Can I play the off-beat syncopated accents with correct style?
  • Can I play the anticipated syncopation without rushing the beat?
  • Can I play each Vocabulary Pattern from memory?


  • Can I play the Etude with correct style, good intonation, without rushing and without mistakes?
  • Can I play the Lesson 1 Etude from memory?


  • Can I create a 12 bar blues chorus with Lesson 2 blues vocabulary?
  • Can I accurately use Lesson 1 rhythms to make my own blues melodies?
  • Can I play several choruses of swing blues with a variety of my own blues licks?

Ear training

  • Can I imitate all of the patterns without mistakes?


  • Did I watch the Chris Potter You-Tube video?
  • Did I research and find additional resource materials for Chris Potter?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions your ready to move on to Lesson 2.