Classroom Jazz

The Jazz Everyone online curriculum makes starting and teaching jazz fundamentals in the classroom a successful and enjoyable experience for you and your students.  The printer friendly lessons make it easy to introduce  and use my materials in the classroom.  Take a little tour,  I think you'll be glad you did. Watch the video tour below.

Classroom Routines

With the limited time now available for most school jazz programs, establishing routines is essential in having a strong jazz program.  Watch me build a few simple routines with a young band using the online lessons from the Beginner’s Corner. And by the way, I’m here to help customize special routines as your jazz program develops. Watch the classroom routine video below.

Check out the Classroom Routine page for special information  CLICK HERE (Full membership required)

The Jam Time Program

For better than a hundred years, the impetus and motivation needed in creating the world's most popular form of music, JAZZ, could well be attributed to the jam session.  Jam Time can put this wonderful experience into your band room and community.  See how easy it is to make this happen with the Jam Time materials. Watch the Jam time video below.

Check out the Jam Time page for more information. CLICK HERE (full membership required)

 Are you interested in taking part in our Classroom Jazz program? We're now offering group school rates. Contact for more info on pricing for your school. 

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