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167 Pentatonic Etudes – (with 92 play tracks)

Willie Thomas | October 10, 2011

Pentatonic Etude Mini Pack
The Pentatonic scales and modes provide the basic content for much of today's contemporary jazz vocabulary, John Coltrane and Miles were both masters of modal playing. These pentatonic etudes were written 30 years ago when these new modal trends were being established. They are as valuable to any player today as they were when they were written. Enjoy.

We've recently unearthed some of the play tracks that accompany the 167 etudes. A sampling of these etudes are available for your enjoyment in our Pentatonic Etude mini pack. The whole collection (92 in all) are available to "Full" members.

Download the Pentatonic Etude mini-pack here.

92 Play Tracks are available to full members here. (Full Paying members)

167 Pentatonic Etudes

You can find the 167 jazz etudes HERE (Full paying members)

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23 responses to “167 Pentatonic Etudes – (with 92 play tracks)”

  1. roberto sassoni says:

    All right Andrew !!
    Now i can

  2. roberto sassoni says:

    Dear Andrew, I have download the “” file and tried several times to unzip it, but I always get the message “The following invalid name was encountered in the archive”, for all the files within the zip folder. Could you please help me with this? Many thanks!

  3. Rick Magnani says:

    I really like the material I’ve seen so far and am considering a purchase. I am leery about so many of the messages I’m getting like” Safari can’t download this file” and like so many of the above comments, PDF issues. If you folks have plans to make the site more Mac and iPad friendly, please let me know. Thx

    • Rick, thanks for your comment. Is there a particular download that you’re having trouble with? The site is currently Mac friendly and rapidly becoming iPad friendly (a few more videos to convert from Flash) The internet is hard to pin down sometimes as everyone has a different browser, operating system and different computer knowledge. If someone is having an issue due to one of these things we do everything we can to get the material to them… even if we have to email it. So, keep that in mind if you’re considering signing up!

  4. jan zijp says:

    Great material!

  5. Johannes Raber says:

    Do you have the etudes in PDF Format? Would be great …

  6. Hey …. Maybe I’m being a bit modest. I could probably struggle through most of them with a pint of Geritol at my side. Actually I recently found the original recordings and Andrew will be putting them online soon. They are not state of the sound hems, but they work. When I found these, I realized that I never did record all of the 167 Etudes, just the blues sets and some other stuff A friend on mine, a super tenor player, and I did them all in one afternoon. I used to be a horse … Now I’m just a horses-ass. Only on occasion.
    Happy New Year to you ….

  7. Frank says:

    Yo Willie! Hey man i just heard you say in your video that you couldn’t play some of the etudes you wrote, and I cannot for the life of me imagine you not being able to play those etudes you wrote back in 1979! From what I hear of your playing currently, you’ve got everything you need to make this music happen at any level. Ok maybe 400BPM is not going to come out super clean but that’s true for probably 99.9% of all of us. Of course you know yourself better than anyone and from some of your old recordings I can tell you were (are) a seasoned musical “athlete”. I JUST hope one day I can attain even CLOSE to your current level of playing through your virtual instruction.
    Willie, thanks for everything you’ve done so far and Happy New Year to you as 2013 begins its chapter!

  8. Foo Widget says:

    +1 for the mp3 recordings idea. Even if just one was posted per week …

    • Yo … I’m looking into finding some students to maybe start recording some of these etudes. I will need some play tracks for a few of them. However, a lot o them were written to be played with Jamey Aebersold’s Volume 1 Play Along.

  9. It would be nice to have mp3 recordings of these etudes; I can read, but I think I would learn faster and better if I could listen to you playing them the exact way they are supposed to be played. Thanks anyway for all of this great material.

    • Well Marco … 25 yeas ago I could have put all of these online with the recording I did with a friend of mine playing tenor. Today, the master of that recording is long gone. Recording all of those was an unbelievable task. Maybe I’ll try and find some youngster with chops to do the job!

  10. Great Willie! Just what I’m looking for. Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year to you & you Team!

  11. Great, the Handwritten ones , got them all together now.. thank you Willie!

  12. Ok, I’ve just converted these to PDF. They are still individual files, but hopefully easier for people to print. Don, I’ll have to work on the master multi page PDF…

  13. Don says:

    Same here Andrew, one PDF file would be tons easier than trying to printout a boatload of JPGs. Thanks!

  14. Jeff says:

    Is it possible to change the 167 etudes file to a pdf file.

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