Tune Time

Level I
Level II
Level III

Now itʼs time to hit that Bandstand and play some music. When somebody says, “what are we going to play?”, you know itʼs “Tune Time”. Itʼs time for you to call a tune, or hope you know the one thatʼs called. Hereʼs a collection of 12 jazz standards that are played over and over again for you to put into your jazz repertoire. These are all tunes from "Maiden Voyage," Volume 54 of the Aebersold collection. Uncle Willie highlights the special things you need to know about each tune at 3 levels. Simple vocabulary is introduced and demonstrated that makes it possible for early Level players to play and enjoy these tunes as they develop their improvisational skills.

Downloads with the blues scales, pentatonics pairs and special material are available on lesson pages.

Lead lines, chord changes and play tracks are not available to download.  A 30% one time coupon code (found HERE)  is available to JE members for "Maiden Voyage" and other materials in the Jamey Aebersold catalogue.