Diminished 3-Pack

1. Lesson 1 - The V-7Set-UpPentatonic Pair “set-ups” are introduced with the diminished scales formed on the diminished steps of the ladder and “licks” are developed and demonstrated for the II-V in all keys. First inversion triads are also explored on the steps of the diminished ladder. “Dimi Brown”, is a special tune with a diminished twist for improvisation and the quintessential Ear Training and Rhythm drills continue.

Video Lesson (running time: 27:55)

2. Lesson 2 - The Diminished LadderPentatonic Pair “set-ups” on the second rung of the Diminished ladder are introduced, demonstrated and applied to the daunting II-b5 V7#9 (b9) I Minor cadence in all keys. More colorful symmetric patterns are introduced, “What is This Thang” is presented and Ear Training and Rhythm Drills persist.

Video Lesson (running time: 26:55)

3. Lesson 3 - Symmetric Patterns
Pentatonic Pair “set-ups” are sequenced through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd steps on the diminished ladder, resulting in traditional vocabulary for the tri-tone substitutes in all keys. Complex symmetric triplet patterns are included with chromatic approach tones, setting up interesting diminished 7th patterns used by Woody Shaw, John Coltrane, Joe Lavano, Michael Brecker and other progressive jazz players. Ear Training and the Rhythm Drill are still essential. Nuevo es Bueno features Dizzy's “Algo Bueno” changes to conclude this lesson.Video Lesson (running time: 36:59)