Basic Jazz Language 6-Pack

1. Lesson 1 – Expanding the Pentatonic Pairs The major 3rd is added to the Pentatonic Pairs and the b5 gives the blues its traditional sound. Ear Training and Rhythm Drills continue and a special Blues tune in F, “My Baby-Mama Blues”, is provided for improvisation.Video Lesson (running time: 39:40)

2. Lesson 2 – Pentatonic Pairs and the II-V-I The Pentatonic Pairs with the 3rd and b5 are used to form traditional vocabulary for the II-V-I, moving down whole steps through all of the keys. Rhythm Drills and Ear Training are a part of each lesson. “Trailin? On”, based on changes from “On the Trail”, rounds out the work in this lesson.Video Lesson (running time: 39:57)If you'd like to see how the 6-Pack integrates with the Player's Corner Curriculum check out the:Curriculum Overview & Learning Track

3. Lesson 3 – Embellishing the Pentatonic Pairs Pentatonic Pairs are chromatically embellished by a leading tone with 4 permutations. Combinations of these embellished Pentatonic Pairs provide vocabulary for the II-V combinations in all keys. A special tune, “Kickin?Back”, is based on the “Tune Up” form and changes in D major. Rhythm Drills and Ear Training continue.Video Lesson (running time: 22:58)

4. Lesson 4 – Pentatonic Pairs in the Dorian Mode The Pentatonic Pairs are introduced in the Dorian mode in a 3 key sequence producing modal and diatonic sounds on the minor II chord. Symmetric patterns are also formed with the Pentatonic Pairs and a two-key tune, “Simplicitude”, with Coltrane?s “Impressions” form and changes offered for improvisation. Ear Training and Rhythm Drills round out the lesson.Video Lesson (running time: 28:59)

5. Lesson 5 – Connecting Pentatonic Pairs Embellished Pentatonic Pairs on the II-V-I are connected with chromatics and applied to the Rhythm Changes. Special licks formed on major 7th chord tones are also applied to the Rhythm Changes. “Handy Andy” is the special tune in this lesson and Rhythm Drills and Ear Training conclude the lesson.Video Lesson (running time: 37:21)

6. Lesson 6 – Pentatonic Pair Set-Ups A technique for using the Pentatonic Pairs to “set up” major 7th patterns on the b7of the V7, are introduced in this lesson and applied to a special tune, “Nat & Sol”, based on the form and changes for “Satin Doll.” Rhythm Drills and Ear training are again a part of this lesson.Video Lesson (running time: 33:31)