Rhythm Tune Learning Pack


A lot of jazzers think they can play rhythm changes, but hey, when they hit that bridge, it goes south pretty quickly. Let The Music Teach presents a 10 Rhythm Tune series available to full members* that shows you how to develop a complete range of jazz vocabulary to use when you play the traditional jazz classic, Iʼve Got Rhythm.

Unit 1. “Happy Notes” shows you how to form and use the Pentatonic Pairs to create basic jazz vocabulary through the basic Rhythm Tune chord changes. Click HERE to access Unit 1.

Unit 2. “Thirds The Word” adds the Major 3rds to the Pent Pairs. adding color and an the important natural leading tones to your jazz melodies. Click HERE to access Unit 2.

Unit 3. “Blues it Or Lose” shows you how to use blues scales and chromatics to create the sound of the blues as you play the Rhythm Tune changes. Click HERE to access Unit 3.

Unit 4. “Breaking it Down” integrates basic diatonic scales and chords into the Rhythm Tune vocabulary mix. This puts all of the work youʼve done building technique to work. Click HERE to access Unit 4.

Unit 5. “Half Steps” introduce chromatics that embellish and enhance your jazz vocabulary. This is a critical step in moving your jazz skills to the next level. Click HERE to access Unit 5.

Unit 6. “Hookinʼ Up” offers another step in developing jazz vocabulary when embellished Pentatonic Pairs are connected with chromatics. Click HERE to access Unit 6.

Unit 7. “Bitʼs and Pieces” help you identify and apply the broken scales and chordal possibilies in expanding the basic jazz vocabulary needed to play Rhythm Tunes. Click HERE to access Unit 7.

Unit 8. “Seventh Heaven” provides a special opportunity to put the major and minor 7th to work with the b7 setup in the Rhythm Tune vocabulary. Click HERE to access Unit 8.

Unit 9. “Total Achord” organizes the chords formed on the notes of a diatonic scale to create traditional jazz vocabulary for playing the Rhythm changes. Click HERE to access Unit 9.

Unit 10. “Symmi Dimi Do” introduces a unique concept that shows you how easy it is to use diminished scales in creating jazz vocabulary for the altered chords. Click HERE to access Unit 10.