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Lesson 12

Adding chromatics to the Pentatonic Pairs will be the focus at the end of our Intermediate Corner. Lesson 12 will show you how you can place them and add them to your already existing library of patterns. You’re also going to be introduced to substitute chords in the Blues.
Here at the end of the intermediate corner we’d like to just throw in a word about our choice of musical structure.
Blues, Blues, Blues 😉 Two corners of predominately Blues, why is that?
The Blues is a short but complete composition on which you can learn a lot about improvisation and musical expression. It is enough to support our goal in helping you to learn how to practice and build your own strategy to grow your musical skills. What you will find next is more material based on standard composition other than the Blues in the Player’s corner.
We’ll continue the same structure with the opportunity to improve your skills with an etude and our ear training section. You’ll find more information about how to learn new tunes and provide play tracks to stretch out. Our last tune will be … a Blues, are you ready for the Player’s corner 😉 !!!