Transposition Key

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All of the keys indicated for each excercise in the Immersion Menu are in concert pitch. To select a particular key for Bb or Eb instrument, you will need to know how to use the Transposition key below. Here's how it works.

If you play Bb Trumpet and want to work on vocabulary for your Extended G7 harmony, you'll need to click #2 on the Menu, If an Alto Sax wants to practice the G7, click #3. The same process applies to finding the right keys for Blues and Rhythm Changes.

There is only one Extended Dorian Minor and Major Chord excercise in Level I and II. Videos 02 and 03 in Level I and II are 4 and 8 bar phrases that take you through all 12 keys. Impressions, 04, is a 32 bar jazz standard. The Transposition key tells you the starting notes and keys for C, Bb and Eb Instruments.

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