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Under new management

Oliver Groenewald | March 13, 2017

Hey jazz lovers! I’m Wendy Thomas and a lot of you already have met Oliver Groenewald, my husband. As you may have gathered over the last year we have transitioned into the management of Jazz Everyone. Don’t worry, Willie is still gracing us with his humor, wisdom and trumpet playing on a daily basis. He’s happy to see his son-in-law, Ollie, taking the JE reigns and they are still jamming on a very regular basis. He’s also very excited to see the new website rolling out and hopes to see even more folks getting bit by the be-bop bug. Spread the word!

Ollie has gotten to know this material and website inside and out and is available for questions concerning the music, lessons and technical support like passwords. I will be working with you on the billing side and filling in the cracks and of course being the moral support that wives of musicians get pretty good at!

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