Lesson 01- Piano (Free)

1.1 Voicing the Dominant Seventh (V7)

Notes of the dominant seventh chords used to play the the F blues are voiced below in traditional root position chords. Each chord remains in the root position as it is moved through the measures of the blues form.


1.2 Blues Form

The dominant seventh (V7) chords are voiced and placed in the proper measures of the traditional blues below. Play these new voicings with the slow F Blues play track until you can find and play these quickly from memory.

Play track: 

Slow F Blues


1.3 Reinforcing Accents

After you have memorized the voicings for the dominant seventh chords, use them to reinforce the following rhythm patterns that are played by the horns.

Play track: 

1.4 Playing with the Band - Swingaling

Practice your piano part below with the play track.  Play the arrangement (head) one time through, then play 2 open choruses of the blues for the soloists, finally, repeat the head and take the coda.  During the open solo choruses use the suggestions on improvisation for solo instruments from the Intermediate Corner for horns.

Play track: 

1.5 Developing Improvisation

In modern jazz improvisation, the right hand of the piano is often played with a single line concept like the horns. The following finger patterns are suggested for playing the F Blues scale. Now is the time to move on to the Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 1. When you are finished with Lesson 1, return to the Rhythm Pack Lesson 2. Start Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 1 here.


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