Lesson 01 – Drums (Free)

1.1 Playing the Beat and Patterns

Here is a quick review of the tabloid showing the placement of notes and symbols on the staff that are used in the text to represent each of the main percussion instruments in the drum set. A tom-tom part will not be written for most of the exercises in the text. When it is played, it is usually played as an alternative to the snare so that as you practice reinforcing exercise rhythms, you may choose to use the tom-toms at your discretion.


1.2 Blues Rhythm

Rhythms have been chosen below that reinforce the proto jazz patterns played by the horns. As you will notice, the snare and bass drum is primarily used for the main accents with an interplay between these accents and the ride beat played on the ride cymbal. Learning to integrate accent reinforcement with an ongoing ride beat is "what it's all about".

Play track: 


1.3 Developing Improvisation

Playing drum set solos and improvisation are one and the same thing. Begin developing melodic vocabulary played by the horns in Intermediate Corner Lesson 1.3. Repeat each melody with the recorded reference on the bass drum, snare, toms and cymbals while you play the hi-hat on beats two and four.

1.4 Playing with the Band - Swingaling

Practice your drum part below with the play track. You will play the arrangement (head) one time through, then play 2 choruses of open blues for the soloists, then repeat the head and take the coda. During the open solo choruses try creating different rhythm patterns and sounds on various parts of the drum kit. Make sure you’re swinging!

Play track: 

1.5 Developing Improvisation

Now is the time to move on to the Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 1. When you are finished with Lesson 1, return to the Rhythm Pack Lesson 2. Start Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 1 here.


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