Lesson 01 – Bass (Free)

1.1 Blues Bass Lines

It requires a great deal of knowledge, practice and experience when selecting the best notes to play for a given harmony. It is important for the bass to continually identify the important notes in the chord as the bass line is developed. The root is the strongest and the fifth is next. In fact, it's the fifth of the chord interacting with the root that establishes the tonal center. The illustration below shows the root (I) and the fifth (V) fret positions for these notes in the F9 (I9), Bb9 (IV9) and C9 (V9) harmonies in the traditional blues form.


1.2 Playing the Bass Lines

First, play the roots of the F9, Bb9 and C9 blues harmonies through a blues chorus with the play track as written in exerise #1. Next play the roots and fifths of these chords as written in exercise #2 through choruses two and three on the play track. Finally, play exercise #3 for choruses four and five of the play track.

Play track: 


1.3 Developing Improvisation

In modern jazz improvisation, the bass can be played with a single line concept like the horns. Use the jazz patterns played in Lesson 1.1 of the Beginner's Corner Horns as a basis for developing single line vocabulary patterns for improvisation. (See those here) Be sure to select "C Bass" as your instrument. The following finger patterns are suggested for playing the F Blues scale.

1.4 Playing with the Band - Swingaling

Practice your bass part below with the play track.  Play the arrangement (head) one time through, then play 2 open choruses of the blues for the soloists, finally, repeat the head and take the coda.  During the open solo choruses use the suggestions on improvisation for solo instruments from the Intermediate Corner.

Play track: 

1.5 Developing Improvisation

Now is the time to move on to the Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 1. When you are finished with Lesson 1, return to the Rhythm Pack Lesson 2. Start Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 1 here.

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