Lesson 08 – Drums

8.1 Jazz Rock Kick Drum (Bass Drum)

The kick drum (bass drum) often plays a more active roll when playing the jazz rock style. It reinforces the double time feeling, energizes the beat and creates a feeling of syncopation when eighth notes are tied over the beat.  Work through the 4 exercises below with the rhythm track.  Each of the 4  patterns is repeated 4 times on the play track.

Play track: 

8.2 Reinforcing Accents

The practice patterns you just played in 8.1 should help you read and play the 4 exercises in 8.2. These patterns will reinforce the accents with the horns in the play track

Play track: 

Another important role for the drummer is to assist in creating the rhythmic dynamics and intensity using various intruments in the drum set. Use the II-V-I chord progression in the play track with the horns to work on this concept.  Start each 4 measure phrase softly and gradually build the internsity to the final harmonic resolution in the 3rd and 4th measures.

Play track: 

8.3 Playing with the Band - Happy Changes

Practice the "Happy Changes" drum part with the horns through the chart. Then, try building intensity with the snare while keeping a steady beat on the ride cymbal. Finally, repeat the chart and take the coda. Think about the things that help to energize the rhythm section. The drummer is a main source for excitement and energy.

Play track: 

8.4 Developing Improvisation

Now is the time to move on to the Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 8. When you are finished with Lesson 8, return to the Intermediate Rhythm Pack Lesson 9. Start Intermediate Corner with horns Lesson 8 here.


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