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What's my level?

If you’re just starting music, getting  that horn out of the attic or never played jazz, you will want to head for the Beginner’s Corner  and carefully work your way through all 12 Lessons.  Then, continue on working through Lessons 1-12 in the Intermediate Corner.  If you’re not sure where you fit,  you may want to check out the different levels in the Jazz Evaluation System and proceed accordingly. Check out the Jazz Evaluation System (CLICK HERE)

Beginner's Corner

No jazz experience. Start in the Beginner's Corner CLICK HERE

Intermediate Corner

Basic experience with Jazz Style and blues improvisation. Start in the Intermediate Corner CLICK HERE 

(look for the Part 1 video below for more on the Intermediate Corner)

Advanced Corner

More experienced players. Start in the Advanced Corner, CLICK HERE

(look for the Part 2 of the overview video below for more on the Advanced Corner)

Player's Corner

Pro's and seasoned players. Start in the Player's Corner, CLICK HERE

(look for the Part 3 video below for more on the Player's Corner)

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