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2.3 Etude

The new Blues Vocabulary in Lesson 2 has been used to inspire this Etude. Memorize all of the new licks that you can. Every great jazz player has memorized hundreds of jazz licks that are used every time they play. Lesson 1 suggestions apply to all Etudes.

  1. Listen to the combo play the etude first.
  2. Check out all of the style marks as you listen.
  3. Get a feeling for the beat moving through the notes.
  4. Don't be afraid to move your body with the music.
  5. After you play the Etude with the Combo play it with just the rhythm section.
  6. Play the Etude several times

Now you're ready to play the Etude

2.3 Play Track: Etude
? x

How to use the A-B Repeat feature

Click and drag the left arrow to establish the loop starting point. Then click and drag the right to establish the ending point.

Chord Symbols

Basic chord symbols were introduced in Lesson 1 for the 3 Dominant 7th cords usen in the Blues Form. The formation of these chords will be discussed later. For now, learn to recognize the symbols and the sound of these chords as the move through the blues form.