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1.2 Style – Feeling the Beat

Let's talk about the Beat ... the beat moves the music ... and if it doesn't move you .... hey ... that can change!

Accents help you identify the beat. In 4/4 time, beats 1 and 3 are the strong beats, beats 2 and 4 are weaker beats. Swing jazz has a triplet feeling. You can develop your feeling for the beat by playing eighth note triplets through the beats of the measures.

Triplet Warm Up

Play a strong Breath Accent on the first eighth note of each triplet group. Move the legato eighth note triplets with the beat.... keep them even and try to FEEL THE BEAT!

Click, Listen, and Play!

1.2 Play Track: Triplet warm up
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How to use the A-B Repeat feature

Click and drag the left arrow to establish the loop starting point. Then click and drag the right to establish the ending point.

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Things to Remember

  • Put plenty of air through your horn to move the eighth note triplets
  • Don’t separate the eighth note triplets as you accent the beats
  • Stand up and move with the music while you play….. it helps …BIG TIME!

Use the triplet warm up every time you practice!