1.3 Style – Let’s Play

It's time to play some jazz. The JAZZ VOCABULARY you'll learn while developing correct jazz style will be very helpful when you start improvising. Listening to "jazz licks", imitating them and using them to create your own vocabulary is how the "LANGUAGE OF JAZZ" is created and developed.

Read the instructions and play!

  1. Listen carefully to the patterns below and play them exactly the way you hear them.
  2. Pay special attention to the style markings and think about the articulation syllables as you play.
  3. Play the notes with the beat and don't rush!
  4. Repeat each 4 measure phrase 3 times. Each exercise below is one complete 12 bar Blues Chorus.
  5. All of the Blues "Licks" are formed on notes of the 5 note Minor Blues Scale.
Before YOU play, click and listen to exercises 2 & 3 played correctly and incorrectly.

Play track: 

Click, Listen and Play exercise 1 - 5

Play track: 

Choose your instrument below.

CBbEbC Bass

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