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1.7 Ear Training – Hear It/Play It

Throughout the History of Jazz, Musicians learned the Language of Jazz by
listening to it played, finding and playing it on their instruments and then
using it to create their own personal jazz experience. That's the process.
The ability to play what you hear is essential to this process. Developing
this skill is called Ear Training and will be a part of our work in each Lesson.

A few helpful tips on Playing what you Hear...

  • how high or low is the starting note?
  • where does the melody change direction?
  • what is the highest or lowest note in the melody?
  • what notes are on or off the beat?
  • where are the rests?
  • how long is the pattern?
  • what are the dynamics?
  • how does the pattern FEEL?

Here's how to Train Your Ear

The Band plays two choruses of blues licks for you to hear and imitate.
All of these blues licks are formed with notes of the 5 note Minor Blues Scale.

1.7 Play Track: Ear training
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How to use the A-B Repeat feature

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