C Bass Instruments

6.1 Modal Voyage


6.2 Modal Vocabulary

Modal Voyage Chord Changes

You might want to try some of these patterns at a faster tempo. 


6.3 Extending Modal Vocabulary


6.4 Playing Modal Vocabulary

Now’s the time to hit the shed and work on these patterns. Some of these fourths may prove challenging to play and articulate at this tempo with accuracy. When you have the written patterns under your fingers, improvise your response in the open measures.

Pentatonic Pairs in Action

Playing Open Fourths

6.5 The b7 Set Up in a Modal Harmony


6.6 Modal Voyage Solo

The Modal concepts in Unit 6 have been combined in a solo format to help you hear how to connect them into a cohesive solo. If you can play through this transcription with ease, your instrumental skills are definitely in fine order. Better still, if you can play it from memory you’re definitely on your way!

6.7 Combo Chart

This is a great concert closer when played with zest and energy!


6.8 Solo Transcription

In my Modal Voyage solo, you hear how easy it is to construct vocabulary with the Pentatonic Pairs when you know where to find them. Playing interesting Modal solos requires a wide range of vocabulary. Blues scales, Pentatonic pairs and scales, full scales with chromatics and putting the b7 Setup to work are all techniques that are introduced in Lesson 6 in PPP and Lesson 4 of the 6-Pack.

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